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How to set up CCleaner Pro

How to set up CCleaner Pro

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by April 20, 2020 Blogs

CCLEANER is one of the most popular antivirus software that is available in the market. There are a large number of people who are dependent upon the services of this esteemed security software. CCLEANER provides a sturdy firewall that helps one to protect the system at all times. Despite these positives, one can encounter an array of issues related to CCLEANER. 

Setup your options  

Firstly you need to decide which settings you want CCleaner to run in this, for example: if you want CCleaner to not look for cookies then you have that option also: 

Next, take a ride over to Options Advanced and make certain that the “Save all settings to INI record” choice is checked (it should be checked by using the default). This makes positive that whatever settings you’ve chosen are stored out to an INI document in the identical directory.

Create the scheduled task in windows 7 and vista  

Open up Task Scheduler through typing it into the Start menu seek box or browsing to Accessories System Tools. 

 Once you are there, click the hyperlink for “Create Basic Task” on the right-hand side. 

 Give the assignment a memorable name like “Run CCleaner” 

 Choose “Daily” or “Weekly”, relying on how often you want the challenge to run. 

 Now select a time of the day that your computer is generally on, but you aren’t using it. 

 On the next screen, pick out to “Start a program” and go to the following screen. 

 Now you’ll need to browse down to the CCleaner executable file, which is generally found inside the following location, however, maybe elsewhere: 

Make sure to add an auto switch to the ADD ARGUMENTS box. 

After that, you can click the box to open the properties dialog before finishing it.  

Now it’s up to you, whether you want to choose or not the  

option for “Run with highest privileges”, so that the task will ultimately run with administrator privileges.  

In case you put your computer in sleep mode then you notice that “Wake the computer to run this task” option as well. In this, you can check whether the computer will wake up to run the whole process of CCleaner.  

You can test the task of whether the CCleaner is working or not. CCleaner should run silently in the background.  

In between that, there are many options you can see and you find it easier to how to set up CCleaner. 

Creating schedule task in windows XP 

If you are using Windows XP then you have to go through the different experiences like open the Scheduled Tasks in the control panel. You can click on the start menu then the system tools section and then click on the “Add Scheduled Tasks”. 

If you already install the CCleaner then its good as you can easily locate the file in the list. If not, you can browse down the location of the file.  

Then you have to give the tasks and choose “Daily”, “Weekly”, depends on how often you run it. 

Now choose a time when you want to run the task if you won”t be using it then the tasks goes on. For instance: 1 AM.  

After that, you will be asked for the password for your account.  

For the finishing, do not forget to check the “Open Advanced Properties”. 

If you want to modify the Run command to include the Auto switch at the end. Make sure to put the space in between. 

If you take a look at the Settings tab, you’ll see the alternatives to only start the mission if the pc is idle, and additionally the identical option to “Wake the pc to run this undertaking”, which is useful if you typically put your pc into standby mode whilst you aren’t using it. 

You can test the scheduled task by right-clicking on it and choose Run. CCleaner opens and runs your tasks in the background. 

In the last, you can download CCleaner from the official website and then we wish that you will not be stuck in between and get to know how to set up CCleaner.  


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